Farnsworth Sisters

Carpool and Cousins

It brings out the worst in cousins.  It brings out the best in cousins.


As I dropped off my last morning carpool and thought about the past school year, I had to shed a tear of  joy and a tear of sadness for another year of carpool finished.

The race for the front seat and all the trash talk that comes along with it.
Three sets of double buckles.
“I forgot my backpack.” and the groans that followed.
BYU vs. ASU- we may have permanently damaged Brittany.
Singing Fish and Chips and Vinegar over and over.
Stories of cousins sticking up for each other on the playground and then hearing them pounding each other in the back seat.
The never ending game of calling cars and fighting over every car that is called. (Britt was damaged during this too.)
Talking about politics as we pass all the political signs on corners.
Getting all the scoop on every teacher and kid in the school.
Singing the latest primary song.
Strong opinions and strong love.
Trying to finish homework.
The report of the previous night’s sporting events and sharing the pain of defeat and the thrill of victory.
Grace and Nate yelling to the carpool as we drive away that they were going fishing for school that day.  And Tessa yelling back that fishing wasn’t real school.
Hannah throwing up at least once a week from car sickness.
Holding up the long line of cars as the kids jump out of every nook and cranny of the car.
Singing and  dancing to Dynamite.
Watching Tessa, Kendyl, and Cameron hold hands as they walk into school.


Goodbye Spencer


This year carpool loses Spencer Gurr to Greenfield Junior High.  He will now get to bike in the fresh air to school.

I love Spencer.  He is positive, energetic, and always ready and organizing fun.  He looks out for everyone in our carpool and compliments others on their successes.  He gives his all to everything he gets involved in- including singing and discussions in the car.  He is so self-motivated.  On top of all that he has a huge heart – he looks out for people who might be struggling and he does something about it!

We will miss Spencer in carpool next year!


A Story about Cousins

Abe came home from school a few weeks ago and said that he and Daniel Wood had been given a challenge in PE that day.  They had their hands and feet tied together and then they had to try to cross the rock wall.  He proudly reported that they were the only ones in the class that made it all the way across.  I said,

“You can do anything with cousins.”

We all agreed.









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  1. Sherri

     /  May 31, 2011

    That is a great picture! Now I see why Hannah is always throwing up. Move her up, please. That picture doesn’t even include baby Faith. That was a good, busy year. Next year we add in Nate and Grace. Good thing Spencer got the boot. I will share all your kind words with him . . . after he showers from scout camp.

  2. Janet

     /  May 31, 2011

    Some things never change… carpool is awesome!

  3. Molly

     /  June 1, 2011

    We are moving to Gilbert so we can be apart of the cousin carpool!

  4. Britt

     /  June 3, 2011

    I really love this and am not damaged by anything. It was one of the best days in carpool when I accidentally/on purpose wore my ASU fleece to pick up. The boys could hardly claim me as their ‘picker-upper.’ From then on, I wore it every time I picked up ON PURPOSE. If I did anything to those boys, I strengthened their love for BYU and made them great debators. We’ll miss you Spence!

  5. Traci

     /  June 11, 2011

    Great times……..

  6. Great times…………….

  7. Traci

     /  June 20, 2011

    Just saw this and that was Kaitlyn commenting above. I have lost all control AND privacy!

    The REAL Traci