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We Interrupt This Broadcast

At dinner time I have tried in the past years to read current event- type of things.  Not a lot, just enough to introduce what is going on.  Or I have a book regarding a topic Kevan and I want everyone to hear — most recently one about preparing for college.  I don’t read every night, and it isn’t long.  But I like things that bring up topics that don’t naturally come up.  When I found this book, We Interrupt this Broadcast, which I stole from the cabin, I was so excited.  (If you gave it to mom or dad, I plan on returning it.)
It is really interesting.  I had forgotten we had swiped it.  It highlights big news events in chronological order.  It tells what is going on in that decade and why it was such big news.  I guess it comes with 2 CDs that weren’t with the book, that actually let you here the breaking “broadcast interruption,”  and the book has great picutres.
So, I found it and decided to try it out on Nate and Grace during their lunch.  I started with the Hindenberg — the 10-story German luxury blimp.   It kept their attention completely, telling all about the size, the description, etc.  Then I turned the page, and it shows it all in flames.  Nate got sick looking.  He asked how many died.  And then he said, “I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”
The rest of the book is all about things just like this — the Kennedy assassination, Reagan attempted assassination, John Lennon assassination, Pearl Harbor, etc.  I think our family will have to be a few years older to get this angle of history.
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  1. Jill

     /  May 7, 2011

    Sherri- I think The Last Lecture would be a good dinner book. A lot of good stories and ideas to talk about. Thanks for the book, Major Decisions, by Henry J. Eyring, it is a good one too.