Farnsworth Sisters

Happy Birthday RuthAnn!


This picture is of Ruth when she came to visit Marie in the hospital.  (Isn’t Marie cute?- sorry Ruth- you’re cute too.)

I wanted to say a few things about Ruth on her birthday–she is a summer birthday we don’t get to celebrate enough.  I think she would agree…

RuthAnn was named after two of the Greats, our grandmothers, Ruth Cox and Annie Farnsworth.  They were both very different from each other, but did remarkable things with the talents and gifts they were given.  Ruth is following in their footsteps.  One of Ruth’s great strengths is that whatever she chooses to do, she does it thoroughly and the very best she can.  Here are a few examples:

1.  Making and eating french toast.  I can still remember watching her cut her french toast with a fork in straight lines each direction to make tidy bite size squares.  It always looked like it tasted better.

2.  Shopping.  When I was younger I went with her while she had a child in a stroller.  We stopped and got cookies at the Original Cookie Company, little ones, of course.  And then we went in a systematic pattern throughout the mall to the places that she knew were the best.  All the while eating our cookies and sipping our drinks.

3.  Scrapbooking.  She  scrapbooked before it was the thing to do.  She would scour magazines looking for the perfect phrase, then cut it out and put it in scrapbooks beside pictures.  In fact you could say she invented scrapbooking- but that would make her sound old so I won’t.  She doesn’t scrapbook anymore, but her books are still something to see.

4. AZ Brainfood – Awhile ago, Ruth saw an organization in another state that gave food to children who would come to school hungry after being at home for the weekend without enough to eat.  She started an organization here in AZ called, AZ Brainfood, and it is now very successful in getting food to many children who are really in need.  She has gotten big sponsors, met with school districts, organized volunteers, and worked every Friday during the school year to get food to children in need.  Her tender heart and her ability to organize and do things very well has helped thousands of children.

These are small examples of the things that Ruth does great!

Happy Birthday Ruth! I am blessed to have you for a sister.

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  1. Sherri

     /  June 22, 2011

    Another couple of things about Ruth that I love:
    *Once we were sitting in church together and I shared with her some things that I had been thinking about during my personal scripture reading. She called me later with more information about it. It was fun to discuss those thoughts with her. She keeps records of things she learns, and she is interested in learning.
    *Also, she always reaches out to my kids at family things. They came back from somewhere recently and one of them said, “I love your sisters, Mom.” Ruth had been at the event, and I know she always takes the time and interest to talk to them or chase Wonder Girl down.
    *Finally, she is the luckiest sucker on the planet. So I took her to the lottery drawing so I could get a good lot when we were looking to build a home. Sure enough, we get the lot next to the 2 acres of grass!
    I love you RuthAnn.

  2. Beth

     /  June 23, 2011

    Happy Birthday to Ruth! I second all the great things that have been written about her. I heard she had an exciting day and one she will never forget. It is hard to turn 55 isn’t is Ruth?

  3. April

     /  June 23, 2011

    I would have to add that she does a mean Roger rabbit! Love you, Ruth!