Farnsworth Sisters

Top 10 for the Family in 2011

10. 8 new babies born, including a family first – twins! Emma Asbhy, Eliza King, Autumn Stubblefield, Lincoln Coons, Penny Turk, Walker Watts, Sawyer and Piper Ainge (please forgive me if I’ve missed anyone – just add them!)

9.  Weddings! Mikey and Jordan, Little Joe and Jessica, Brad and Emma.

8.  Cannon Jake Collins and Riley Farnsworth returned from their missions.

7.  Back to school for La Mesita! Thanks Amy!

8.  Zach received his mission call to Jaoa Peso Brazil mission and is now serving there.

7.  Veva’s powertap girls went to Nationals and were champs!

6.  Mom and Dad hosted the successful and loved teenage manners dinner.

5.  The Junior Suns beat out the Toros again this year – sorry Rock!

4.  Another great Thanksgiving- thanks Gurrs!

3.  Mom made her 9,349,211th cookie this year, and if you stop by she has 2,303,544 in the freezer!

2.  Dad turned 80 years old and had few small parties.

1. Dad enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas in the hospital – can’t we take a hint, he is tired of the talent show…!                                                                                                          We are thankful Dad is home now and ready to enjoy 2012!!  Happy New Year!