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May Birthday Girls

I have thought all month about the May Girls. I don’t know what mom was thinking to have so many birthdays in May.  Didn’t she know May is too busy?   So, because we can’t quite get together, I thought I would post a “few of my favorite things.”

May 6 — Bon Bon — Bonnie always has been a good friend to me, even when I was young.  She was always kind, and always very approachable.  I still see that in her today — everyone feels comfortable around the ShillBills.  When we got older Bonnie took me on a cruise with her and some friends.  Wow, I could laugh for a long time about those memories.  Bonnie, say nothing about those days, please.  And, I swear those were not my legs hanging out of the dressing room.  🙂  She also has an artistic flair that I lack.  I recently asked her for ideas for decorating a table for a stake function.  By the time we were finished talking she said, “K, Come over.”  I left immediately, and she had assembled a bunch of cute stuff that was perfect for the purpose.  Of course, she said, “No, this is no big deal.”  But it releived pressure on me and really met a need.  Bonnie, this is a small sampling of the good that you do and the good that you are.  I will always love you!  (And I think this is the last picture I have with you in it.  Ruth, on your b-day I will come up with a more flattering picture.)

back to school with the girls


May 9 — Carol — AKA Sheryl or Carrie — Carol and I grew up at the end of a string of girls and both had blond hair, though dad announces that Amy is the only true blond.  (Please see above picture and below picture for proof.)  Anyway, because we were close in age, and both blond, we were always mixed up and so we call eachother Carrie and Sheryl.   As I look back on my life, one of the reasons that I know that God loves me is that he placed me right under her.  Carol was always busy, but also always supportive and kind.  She taught me how to make cookies, do waist exercies, and played Chinese jump rope with me.  We actually skated together, made movies, played kick the can and follow the judge to court, and so much more.  In fact, it was Carol that saved me from the bad guy at the Riggs’ house, I think.  Either her or Renay.  One of my favorite memories is going to Carol’s house for FHE when she had little kids and I was still single.   She is a very effective teacher, and the spirit was always there.  Recently we went again for a FHE and the same good feelings were there.   Carol loves easily and includes readily.  She and Mike are natural missionaries.  CareBear, I will always love you.

Carrie and Sheryl in some lovely get-up


May 27 – J-Bird, JB, Gidget — Jill and I sometimes shared a room for some reason growing up.  We would listen to Don Black, There are no Nobodies and other talk tapes we both could and can still quote perfectly.  I also remember  she memorized My Turn on Earth really well when she was tiny.  She was the “siblings” I would come home to from college and mission.  She was always a good listener as I thought of what I was learning while I was away– she would listen to me as I processed it.  She has plenty of blackmail on me for some dumb things that I said.  Today she is still a very good listener.  She is nonjudgental, and she does her best at whatever she sets out to do.  Because we live near eachother and the kids are the same age, we end up carpooling a lot.  I have never felt from her that she was keeping track of who was doing what.  She gives readily and lovingly, and I love discussing ideas with her.   J, I will always love you!

Jill Bird



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