Farnsworth Sisters

Empty Jars












I wish I could have taken empty jars and scooped up the feeling that was thick in Mom and Dad’s house the last three weeks of Dad’s life.

I would tighten the lid on each jar, tie a beautiful ribbon on carefully, and then give them as wedding gifts.  Each jar would also have a note attached.  This is what it would say:

“Congratulations on your wedding.  You are at the very beginning.  When you open this jar, you will feel what it feels like at the very end of your journey; if you:

  • Love God with all your heart, might, mind, and strength
  • Live true to your spouse
  • Preside, provide, protect, and nurture your children
  • Allow people to know of God’s love and God’s plan because of how you treat them.
  • Throw your head back and laugh
  • Have children
  • Pick clover with your kids and then take them to Dairy Queen
  • Ride tandem bikes
  • Plan and participate in rook, shuffleboard, horseshoe, softball and other great competitions
  • Start Christmas music the day after Halloween – or a few weeks before Halloween
  • If you fall down, pick yourself up, count your blessings, and try again
  • Pursue a steady course
  • Do good— clothe the naked,  feed the hungry,  liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and the afflicted
  • Sing with your dog
  • Be grateful
  • Adore your grandchildren
  • Be a doer of the word
  • Pray like everything depends on the Lord and then get to work
  • Share love, testimony, wisdom, support, money, and friendship
  • Be humble and repent
  • Teach your kids the gospel, how to work, to love each other, and how to throw a ball
  • Follow through and follow up
  • Fight for the underdog
  • Stand in holy places
  • Be converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Love the scriptures
  • Get involved with good causes that help the community, country, and the world
  • Stay committed to your spouse through heartache, adversity, and conflict
  • Be with your family
  • Sing your way home
  • Do the best you can and trust God

Open this lid when you need a reminder of what is real and what really matters.  Open when you have nothing left to give.  Open when your heart is broken.  Open when you want to quit.  Remember, the feeling in this jar isn’t the reward for a perfect life.  It is the love that comes from a lifetime of pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ and faith in the Great Plan of Happiness, a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men.”

Then I would save a jar for me and for each of my children.

To feel the end from the beginning is sacred.  Thanks Dad and Mom