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World’s Happiest People- Moms!

A few weeks ago I heard a story on the news that said that a new study found that couples without children were happier than couples with children.  This caught my attention, so I looked up the study.  What the headlines didn’t tell you was that in the same study, they also found that out of all groups of people, mothers were the most happy and content with their lives.

This seems a little contradictory, but what society and science cannot understand and explain, mothers can.  Its not that mothers weren’t happy before, it’s that after having a child, their definition of happiness changes.

Happiness isn’t staying up all night partying with friends.

Happiness becomes staying up all night with the warmth of a feverish child laying on your shoulder, and sometime in the darkness hearing a little voice say, “I love you”.

Happiness isn’t getting all geared up to go to the gym and sweat for a few hours.

Happiness becomes filling up a stroller with a half eaten loaf of bread, a sippy cup, a cup of fishies, baby wipes and diapers, a blanket, and oh yeah, a toddler and jogging until the toddler calls out a word that you can understand! “Duck quack, quack!”  Then trying to let your toddler toss the pieces of bread out to the ducks without falling in the pond!

The definition of happiness changes.

The happiness that comes in the moments as a mother is not skin deep.  It is happiness that soaks into your soul and is as deep as your DNA.

It is the kind of happiness that when felt and recognized, inspires, and empowers mothers to raise the next generation to greatness, one child at a time.

One inspired and empowered mother is Sonya Carson.  She was born into poverty, had to quit school in 3rd grade, and was married at age 13.  Then she had two sons, Curtis and Ben and her definition of happiness changed.  Although her husband left the family, and she had to raise her boys alone, she did whatever it took.  She worked 3 -4 jobs at once.  She put her boys in the best schools she could.  And as her boys grew, she paid attention to their grades and school work.  Because of the many hours she worked, she didn’t see her boys much after school.  She didn’t want them just hanging out with friends after school.  So along with their homework, she required them to do math facts everyday.  Sonya also required them to read two books each week and give her written book reports of the books at the end of the week.  And although she could not read herself, she would take their book reports and mark them up with pen, and then give them back to her sons- so that they would not know that she couldn’t read.

This inspired mothering opened the world to her boys.  They began to love to read and learn and they became the top in their classes.  With a lot of hard work, her son Ben became Dr. Ben Carson, John Hopkins director of pediatric neurosurgery at age 33.  He is not only world famous for his medical skills, but also for the thousands of young people he has helped with scholarships.  He has authored many books, spoken around the world, and motivated students and people everywhere to become better.

Sonya Carson is an inspired and empowered mother, that raised the next generation to greatness, one child at a time.

The happiness that a mother feels as she looks into the eyes of her child does not distinguish between economic status, skin color, nationality, or educational background.  And when this true happiness is felt, recognized, and acted upon, an inspired and empowered mother begins in her own individual way, unique to her own circumstances, to raise the next generation to greatness, one child at a time.

I feel blessed and humbled to be a part of the world’s happiest group of people, mothers.

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