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Papa Loves You

Papa at the Cabin



Papa had a lot of visitors yesterday and was awake a lot of the day.  He wanted to make sure and see the BYU vs. Gonzaga basketball game last night.  So after that, he slept really well.  In fact, he might still be asleep now…

He had a little head cold yesterday.  So remember to be really careful of what germs you bring over to the house.

Carol is over there today.  So if you want to check in, give her a call.

My mom has a basket of cards and letters that people have sent and she reads them to my dad as they come in.  If you want to send something, they would both love it!

A few nights ago, Jackson Stubblefield popped his head into for a minute to see Papa.  As Jackson left, Papa raised his hand and said, “Papa-Great loves you!”