Farnsworth Sisters


simple pleasure

no-jill, this isn’t a big announcement.  But to me, huge progress.

Sunday, Sept. 2, I set our table with all matching silverware.  I didn’t have to dip into the sandpile set, the disposal set, the plastic set,

or even use the long handled teaspoons.   All silverware ends were the same and the whole table matched.  Just because

I only set for 5 people doesn’t matter, does it?  It was a great day.

Because they just get it.

Yesterday was our annual “Back to school shopping” for the kids at LaMesita and Autumn House.   This day of the year is always a huge highlight in my life, and I want to tell you why. 

First of all, I get the list of children from these two places.   I use my oldest grandkids and we go get all the backpacks and everything to go in them, and we load them up.   Then I have to get my volunteers and where do I start?  I start with all my own kids and the neices and nephews.   Why?  Because they just get it.    What do I mean?

They get how to work with children and talk with them and not down to them.  They get how to make a child they have never met, not want to leave them after only an hour or so.   They get how to work with people and show the adult staff respect.   They show up on time, clean and so cute, they smile, laugh and let the children feel their love for them.  There is nobody quite like them.   Rock and Luke had a cute little guy from Sudan who hardly spoke english.  But he had a big smile and loved being with them.  Cole’s little guy was a sprinter and I found Cole trying to find him through the store a couple of times.   Sophie just put her little gal in the front of the cart and pushed her through the store.   Clint had a teenager from the Sudan family, and JoAnna’s 6 year old didn’t want to take off her new jeans and tennis shoes.  So Jo just took the tags off and let her wear them out.  Spencer was our youngest shopper and he handled it like a champ.  I watched him trying to find his child some size 11 1/2 shoes that they didn’t have, and spencer asked for the size 12 to see how it would work.   He gets it.    Molly’s 18 year old young lady, also had a 3 month old, same as Walker, so they had a lot to talk about.  Molly new exactly how to treat her.   And even though it isn’t as fun, Cozie and Summer shopped for 2 little girls that couldn’t be there because it was their first day of school.  I could go on and on.   I call Freddie at the last minute because I needed an extra, and of course he comes.  I knew he would.  He has taught the rest of the of the cousins how to be.  How lucky we are to have him as our oldest nephew.    Tim and Audree, Ben and Lauren, Murph, Joe, Rachel, Tessa, David,  and the rest that have helped me through the years, but maybe couldn’t be there this year, I can’t say thanks enough.   I am so proud of you.   You make it hard to be with and trust other people your age, because you step up and do things really great and are so fun to be with.    You just get it and I love you.


mother’s day thoughts

Ok, here we go.  I’m going to start my first post, and see if I have anything of some value to add.  I guess today, beingMother’s day, I feel very very grateful.  I am learning that mother’s day is not about feeling like I should’ve done everything better with my children, but about being so grateful for the children that I have.   And also for a mom that is priceless in my life.  As Sherri said,  I love being a mom because of her.  I  love having her live close, to see her often, and when I don’t see her for a few days, getting a call from her checking on me.    I have had some of those fun mothers day cards that I got when my kids were little,  but now that mine all are older and wiser, I love- love the relationships we have now.   I really can’t decide which time of my children’s life I liked the best; young, teens, or now. 

Enjoy it all.  I love you.