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simple pleasure

no-jill, this isn’t a big announcement.  But to me, huge progress.

Sunday, Sept. 2, I set our table with all matching silverware.  I didn’t have to dip into the sandpile set, the disposal set, the plastic set,

or even use the long handled teaspoons.   All silverware ends were the same and the whole table matched.  Just because

I only set for 5 people doesn’t matter, does it?  It was a great day.

May Birthday Girls

I have thought all month about the May Girls. I don’t know what mom was thinking to have so many birthdays in May.  Didn’t she know May is too busy?   So, because we can’t quite get together, I thought I would post a “few of my favorite things.”

May 6 — Bon Bon — Bonnie always has been a good friend to me, even when I was young.  She was always kind, and always very approachable.  I still see that in her today — everyone feels comfortable around the ShillBills.  When we got older Bonnie took me on a cruise with her and some friends.  Wow, I could laugh for a long time about those memories.  Bonnie, say nothing about those days, please.  And, I swear those were not my legs hanging out of the dressing room.  🙂  She also has an artistic flair that I lack.  I recently asked her for ideas for decorating a table for a stake function.  By the time we were finished talking she said, “K, Come over.”  I left immediately, and she had assembled a bunch of cute stuff that was perfect for the purpose.  Of course, she said, “No, this is no big deal.”  But it releived pressure on me and really met a need.  Bonnie, this is a small sampling of the good that you do and the good that you are.  I will always love you!  (And I think this is the last picture I have with you in it.  Ruth, on your b-day I will come up with a more flattering picture.)

back to school with the girls


May 9 — Carol — AKA Sheryl or Carrie — Carol and I grew up at the end of a string of girls and both had blond hair, though dad announces that Amy is the only true blond.  (Please see above picture and below picture for proof.)  Anyway, because we were close in age, and both blond, we were always mixed up and so we call eachother Carrie and Sheryl.   As I look back on my life, one of the reasons that I know that God loves me is that he placed me right under her.  Carol was always busy, but also always supportive and kind.  She taught me how to make cookies, do waist exercies, and played Chinese jump rope with me.  We actually skated together, made movies, played kick the can and follow the judge to court, and so much more.  In fact, it was Carol that saved me from the bad guy at the Riggs’ house, I think.  Either her or Renay.  One of my favorite memories is going to Carol’s house for FHE when she had little kids and I was still single.   She is a very effective teacher, and the spirit was always there.  Recently we went again for a FHE and the same good feelings were there.   Carol loves easily and includes readily.  She and Mike are natural missionaries.  CareBear, I will always love you.

Carrie and Sheryl in some lovely get-up


May 27 – J-Bird, JB, Gidget — Jill and I sometimes shared a room for some reason growing up.  We would listen to Don Black, There are no Nobodies and other talk tapes we both could and can still quote perfectly.  I also remember  she memorized My Turn on Earth really well when she was tiny.  She was the “siblings” I would come home to from college and mission.  She was always a good listener as I thought of what I was learning while I was away– she would listen to me as I processed it.  She has plenty of blackmail on me for some dumb things that I said.  Today she is still a very good listener.  She is nonjudgental, and she does her best at whatever she sets out to do.  Because we live near eachother and the kids are the same age, we end up carpooling a lot.  I have never felt from her that she was keeping track of who was doing what.  She gives readily and lovingly, and I love discussing ideas with her.   J, I will always love you!

Jill Bird



“What I Have Written I Have Written”

Because it is Easter, I want to share my love of Jesus.

I hope these words will always motivate every action of my life and not just hang lifeless on a blog…

The things I write here I know through experience, mistakes, prayer, study, and the Holy Ghost.

  • I know that Jesus Christ came into this world as a baby and that His Father was so happy about His birth that he announced it with a new star in the sky.
  • I know that as Jesus grew, He became the man His Father wanted Him to be.  I know that He didn’t give into sin.
  • I know that Jesus loves the little children.  I have felt that love in my own home with my own children.
  • I know that although I can’t understand it, my brother, Jesus atoned for my sins, died, and was resurrected so I could be as well.  I know He did it because He loved me.  I have felt Christ’s love and it has changed me.  I can get a tiny glimpse of This love when I help any of God’s children.
  • I know that the atonement relieves my pain and sadness as well paying for my pride and sin.
  • I know that the only thing that will give me lasting peace and happiness and now and forever is if I repent and turn my heart to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on a daily basis.  My personal relationship with Them gives the rest of my life meaning and happiness.
  • I know that I have to seek, search the scriptures, desire, ponder and work to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  But the reward is eternal.
  • I know that because Jesus atoned for my sins, I can make covenants with God.  I know when I actively live these covenants they give me power and bless my life and my children’s life everyday.
  • I know that forgiveness is another beautiful blessing made possible through Christ’s atonement.
  • I am eternally thankful that Jesus Christ is risen!

Thank You, Sister Julie B. Beck

As I listened to Pres. Uchtdorf release Sister Beck, I couldn’t help a tear from falling.  I just had to say thanks – somewhere.

Sister Beck did a marvelous work in bringing the worldwide Relief Society as a whole to the place it is now: an organization with history, covenants, clear goals, understanding, expectation, and vision.

Sister Beck reminded the world of the divinity and power that comes from motherhood.

Sister Beck ensured that the doctrine of the family is a central part of what we are teaching our youth.

Sister Beck reminded us of the importance of the priesthood and that we need to work with the power of God in our calling as women.

Sister Beck called for the women of the world to fight against pornography in their homes and communities.

Sister Beck did much more than I can list.  But what I appreciate most from her during the 5 years she served, was the personal insight, knowledge, and guidance that I felt as I listened to her speak and studied her words.  I was always touched by the Spirit as I listened to her and that Spirit helped me change things about myself and the way I fulfill my covenants and divine callings.  Even as I was reviewing some of her talks right now, I was taught by the Spirit and giving guidance.

In Alma 17:2-3, the lives and teaching ability of the sons of Mosiah is described.  I think it describes Sister Beck.

“…and (she) had waxed strong in the knowledge of the truth; for (she was a woman) of a sound understanding and (she) had bsearched the scriptures diligently, that (she) might know the word of God.

3 But this is not all; (she) had given (herself) to much prayer, and afasting; therefore (she) had the spirit of prophecy, and the spirit of revelation, and when (she) taught, (she) taught withbpower and authority of God.”

I am so grateful for the eternal impact Sister Beck’s faith and teachings have had on my life.

Here are a few of her landmark quotes.  I only put two because I could put 2 because there were way too many for me to go on.

“Mothers who know do less. They permit less of what will not bear good fruit eternally. They allow less media in their homes, less distraction, less activity that draws their children away from their home. Mothers who know are willing to live on less and consume less of the world’s goods in order to spend more time with their children—more time eating together, more time working together, more time reading together, more time talking, laughing, singing, and exemplifying. These mothers choose carefully and do not try to choose it all. Their goal is to prepare a rising generation of children who will take the gospel of Jesus Christ into the entire world. Their goal is to prepare future fathers and mothers who will be builders of the Lord’s kingdom for the next 50 years. That is influence; that is power.”

“The ability to qualify for, receive, and act on personal revelation is the single most important skill that can be acquired in this life.”

Here is a link to her talks and articles.

Remember to search for her BYU Womens Conference talks too.  They are outstanding.


More Pictures

While baby Bo was trying to grow and Brit was trying to sleep, Amy would bring her grandkids to dance.  Look at Cams form!  I also loved these pics of egg toss finalists.  Way to go Drew and Spencer, and Daniel and Grant!

Some Recent Memories with Farnsworth Cousins

Christmas this year was Laser Tag.  The cousins made it a blast.  Oddly enough, I think I beat all of them at laser tag.  Because Annie was in Peru, we finished our Christmas gift by going canoing.  I love canoing in this weather.  I am glad I’m not a scout, though, because I did fall in the water while laughing.  Cousins Rock! 

Our Laser Tag Christmas 2011

Thanks for making this fun -- cool cousins.

Engaging and Informing

This is great — I like the approach, no guilt, just good information and done in a cool way.  It is worth watching.

http://www.theatlantic.com/video/archive/2011/12/the-single-best-thing-yo=u- can-do-for-your-health/249913/#.Tu3c31x1bQs.facebook


If you can’t click on the link, copy and paste it.

Top 10 for the Family in 2011

10. 8 new babies born, including a family first – twins! Emma Asbhy, Eliza King, Autumn Stubblefield, Lincoln Coons, Penny Turk, Walker Watts, Sawyer and Piper Ainge (please forgive me if I’ve missed anyone – just add them!)

9.  Weddings! Mikey and Jordan, Little Joe and Jessica, Brad and Emma.

8.  Cannon Jake Collins and Riley Farnsworth returned from their missions.

7.  Back to school for La Mesita! Thanks Amy!

8.  Zach received his mission call to Jaoa Peso Brazil mission and is now serving there.

7.  Veva’s powertap girls went to Nationals and were champs!

6.  Mom and Dad hosted the successful and loved teenage manners dinner.

5.  The Junior Suns beat out the Toros again this year – sorry Rock!

4.  Another great Thanksgiving- thanks Gurrs!

3.  Mom made her 9,349,211th cookie this year, and if you stop by she has 2,303,544 in the freezer!

2.  Dad turned 80 years old and had few small parties.

1. Dad enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas in the hospital – can’t we take a hint, he is tired of the talent show…!                                                                                                          We are thankful Dad is home now and ready to enjoy 2012!!  Happy New Year!


The Mansion by Henry Van Dyke


I finally looked up the book called The Mansion by Henry Van Dyke thatPresident Monson references during Christmas.  Pres. Monson gave a big portion of the story during the Christmas Devotional last Sunday.

It is only 18 pages long, a short story, and I am glad that I read it. It gave me a lot to think about and assess in my own life.

The link above is to a free version of it you can read online.






Can’t Get a Man With a Gun

You may think this video is featuring Annie and Joanna, but really it was Julie and me that choreographed the dance.  (Veva helped a little.)  It turned out great, in my humble opinion.  They were picked (about 20 out of 90) to be in the final performance.  I hope this works.  It will probably take you to the YASE site, and then you have to select “Can’t Get a Man With a Gun.”