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Aspen Grove Family Camp

Aspen Grove . . . Again


Because I was towards the end of the family I had a chance to travel with mom and dad a little.  I went to Victoria, Canada, the South, back East,  I even went to Europe with them — and Beth.   Great trips, as both Mom and Dad are very organized and are good at packing things into every minute.  I loved those trips and am thankful for them.  However, when I think of traveling with the family I think of Aspen Grove.  I probably went there about 8 times growing up.  Maybe more.  I looked forward to it as a child — every day was an adventure.  I remember loving the cool weather, squirrels, meeting up with Charlotte Wood and LeeAnne Shepherd, water fights, hiking to Stewart Falls, the relay races, talent shows, meeting general authorities, playing shuffleboard, sunburn icecream cones, family dinners, A-frame cabins, shared bathrooms, late night games, and the swimming pool competitions.  I loved everything about that place.  I think it gave me a great amount of freedom and adventure while still feeling safe with parents and having tons of family activities.
It wasn’t exactly spa treatment for mom and dad.  I picture the ride up and back to Utah like the Normal Rockwell of the travelling family– add in twice the people and throw-up bags, take away the cigar and bubble gum. The trip took tons of preparation and packing. The rustic cabins had to have had terrible mattresses. And did I mention shared bathrooms? Imagine the laundry upon returning.  But I am thankful they found a retreat that included all the kids, was full of wholesome recreational activities, (before that was a guideline) and brought us into contact with other families that had similar values.  Fun, fun times!